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Subway tile is a classic turned trendy that we’ve seen used as wall, floor, and backsplash tile all across Brookfield homes. Subway tile has traditionally been characterized as a 3×6 white ceramic tile, laid out in straight, uniform rows. As the name implies, the ubiquitous subway tile first made an appearance in the debut of the New York subway in 1904.

Since then, this tile has been most commonly used in residential kitchens and bathrooms, as well as commercial settings. The timelessness of subway tile owes its charm to its clean uniformity, which can either be used to create a classic, vintage look, or a stylish look with modified subway tiles.

Advantages of Subway Tile

Subway tile has remained popular for over a century for a few simple reasons: it can look good in nearly any home, and it is very easy to maintain. Subway tile has a simplicity that ensures its timelessness, but variations within the material and size of the tile can make it a versatile option.

While subway tiles made of glass are not the original design, they have become popular as a way of modernizing the classic staple. Some homeowners go a step further by installing subway tiles with the same scale, but smaller dimensions. This is seen more and more on kitchen backsplashes as a unique way to add interest.

The smooth, non-porous surface, and relatively large size of subway tiles makes them very easy to clean. There are less tiny grout lines that attract dirt than other tile types, which keeps them looking bright and new for longer. Homeowners have been attracted to this low-maintenance tile for decades because it allows them to keep their house looking clean and updated without having to put in the extra work.

Things to Consider

One of the downsides to the large, smooth surface of subway tiles is that this can cause them to be slippery to walk on. A bathmat can mitigate some of this risk for the floors, and the slipperiness isn’t a problem for wall tile and backsplashes. Additionally, the uniform nature of the tile and its layout can cause any irregularity in the installation to be more visible. This is why it is important to hire professionals like those at Floor Coverings International Waukesha to install your subway tiles so that there are no visible mistakes.

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