Tile is one of the most common bathroom flooring options because of its combined functionality and style. With so many different materials, colors, and patterns available, you’re sure to find something that fits your wants and your needs.Bathroom floor tile


Ceramic is the most popular tile material on the market. It’s affordable, durable, and the style options are almost endless. It’s made from clay, minerals, and water that are mixed together and then fired at very high temperatures. Porcelain is a type of ceramic, but with added strength and water resistance. Porcelain tiles are fired under extreme pressure and even higher temperatures than regular ceramic, increasing their density. Natural stone is another popular material for bathroom floors, coming in slate, travertine, granite, marble, and more. Depending on what type of stone material you choose, you may be paying a higher price than you would for other materials.

Colors & Styles

For ceramic and porcelain, various colors can be achieved by applying glazes to the tiles before a kiln firing. The heat melds the glaze to the clay, giving it its color tone. Ceramic tile can also come in unglazed styles. However, unglazed ceramic tile is not ideal for bathroom floors because the glaze makes the tile more water and scratch resistant. You have less flexibility for choosing specific colors with natural stone tile because they come out of the earth. The natural color tone varieties are also one reason why many people like stone tile. They bring the warmth and the beauty of nature into your home.


Many homeowners in the Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee areas like to get creative with their bathroom floor tile patterns. Arranging tiles of different sizes and colors together can make for an intriguing aesthetic. Pattern arrangements are also a good way to be able to expand your tiling options if you’re having a hard time deciding on just one type.

The ease in which it can be cleaned as well as its resistance to water makes tile the ideal bathroom flooring option. Not to mention all the lovely color and pattern varieties! If you’re ready to start looking for your new bathroom floor tile, call the design experts at Floor Coverings International Waukesha today and schedule your free consultation.

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