Office Carpet

Floor Coverings International is the one-stop shop for office carpet in the greater Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Brookfield areas. Choosing carpet for a commercial space is very different from selecting residential carpet, because you have several extra things to take into consideration when buying office carpet. Because we are a local business, we are available at our customers’ convenience to perform free, on-site estimates and consultations.

Our flooring specialists are highly experienced in all types of carpet, including office carpeting. We know it can be somewhat overwhelming with so many carpet types and styles to choose from, so we make sure that we are prepared and knowledgeable enough to advise our customers on which carpet is best for a commercial or office setting.

What Should I Consider?

There are some things that you definitely must take into account when thinking about buying new office carpet. First, you obviously want a carpet type that can withstand heavy levels of foot traffic. Also, plush or thick carpet weaves are probably not a good choice for office carpet because rolling chairs and other office furniture can get stuck on them. Of course, you should consider how big of a space you’re planning on carpeting and what your budget is for your new office carpet.

Another important consideration to keep in mind is the appearance of your new office carpet. Unless you’re doing a total overhaul of your office furniture and fixtures, you should ensure that your office carpet will match and complement the rest of your office décor. Finally, office carpet should also be hypoallergenic (at least, as hypoallergenic as carpet can get) and non-toxic. This way your colleagues and any visitors won’t have to worry about having their allergies irritated when they are in your office space. Synthetic carpet types are usually hypoallergenic, but on the other hand, carpet made from natural materials is more non-toxic.

Because we are backed by nationally-recognized manufacturers, we are able to provide the top brands and highest quality commercial-grade flooring – including office carpet – at budget-friendly prices. We have access to an enormous selection of colors, weaves, and types of carpet, so you’ll surely find a product that fits your project’s specific requirements.

A Note From Our Owner

“Give us a call at FCI Brookfield today to discover our huge variety carpet choices, some of which are a perfect choice for office carpet!” – Matt Werner, Owner