Bamboo Flooring

Eco-Friendly and Durable


Bamboo flooring has been popular in the Pacific Rim for decades, and has recently become a Waukesha and Milwaukee, Wisconsin favorite, too. Bamboo, while often grouped with hardwood floors, is actually a grass.

Most bamboo flooring is created from stalks of bamboo that are four to five years old. These stalks are then sliced into strips and woven or laid into planks. Conservationists like bamboo for its ability to replenish itself quickly, giving bamboo flooring a “green” quality that most hardwood floors don’t have. For the most earth-friendly installation, be sure to use a stain and finish that contains low, or no, volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This will be especially important if you or a family member has respiratory concerns.

Bamboo is also harder than many hardwoods, making it resistant to most scratches and scuffs (its exact strength depends on the manufacturing process and other factors). In general, the Janka hardness level of a bamboo floor is higher than a standard red oak. When you choose an pre-finished bamboo wood floor, the strong protective finish helps to protect your investment. Because of its durability and strength, it is an ideal candidate for high traffic areas like hallways, living rooms, and kitchens.

Despite its strength, bamboo flooring can be cut relatively easily using only a compound miter or hand saw. It is also adaptable to a wide number of surfaces, and can be fixed to plywood or even concrete. While traditionally light colored, you can stain bamboo flooring to match almost any décor. As it ages, it will take on a patina that only adds to its charm. Bamboo is a particularly good option if you are looking for a subtle grain pattern.

There’s a lot to learn of information about wood flooring, including bamboo, that it may be difficult to determine the best floors for your needs, but the professionals at Floor Coverings International of Waukesha are here to help. Give us a call to schedule your free, in-home estimate where we bring the samples to you! Proudly serving the greater Brookfield, Waukesha, and Milwaukee, WI areas.

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