Hand-Scraped Hardwood in Waukesha

Hand-scraped hardwood is a unique and beautiful alternative to traditional hardwood flooring. It could be the perfect way to add personality, rustic appeal, and history to your Waukesha home. Floor Coverings International Waukesha is proud to bring hand-scraped hardwood straight to you!

What is Hand-Scraped Hardwood?

Hand-scraping actually predates modern methods of hardwood flooring installation. Prior to mechanical tools being used, hardwood was sawed into planks, which often resulted in uneven edges. Hand-scraping was used to even out the planks. This method resulted in unique discrepancies between the appearance of every plank. In the modern day, this has become a sought-after look.

Benefits of Hand-Scraped Hardwood

Visually Appealing

Hand-scraped hardwood looks artistically aged and weathered. The careful design process involved in hand-scraping will give your floors a welcoming, rustic personality. These floors are stunning, natural, and unique. Hand-scraped hardwood is the perfect match for homeowners who want the classic beauty of hardwood, but with a unique, eye-catching twist. This flooring looks stunning in any room – kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, and beyond.


Hand-scraped hardwood will give your home a unique, hand-crafted vibe. Hand-scraped hardwood is created by hand, which creates distinct, one-of-a-kind differences between each plank. The subtle differences between each plank guarantee a completely original flooring.


Hand-scraped hardwood possesses the same durability as other hardwood species. Hardwood is a low-maintenance flooring that will last a lifetime if cared for correctly. Hand-scraped hardwood is no exception! In fact, the artistically aged look will disguise small scratches and dings.

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