Parquet Flooring in Brookfield, Waukesha, and Milwaukee

Parquet flooring combines the classic look of hardwood flooring with innovative and eye-catching design patterns. It’s easy to see why so many people in the greater Milwaukee and Brookfield areas choose parquet flooring when they want hardwood flooring installed in their home. This type of flooring gives you the best of both words; parquet flooring is a classic with a twist.

What is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet flooring consists of squares that are packed with various hardwood stripes. These can be narrow or wide and can be in various shapes and sizes. There are also parquet flooring tiles that utilize two different colors for a very dramatic look within the floor.  These designs help provide a breathtaking interior element for your home. Let Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield show you how to get checkerboard patterns, stripes, mosaics and other geometric designs at the same time that you get the classic hardwood that your home craves.

If you can’t decide between tile and hardwood flooring, don’t settle.  Parquet combines the very things that you love about the two.  Just like with hardwood flooring, the floors are very sturdy but like tile, parquet floors are incredibly easy to clean.

Start Your Parquet Flooring Project Today

Want floors that look stunning for your home in the greater Brookfield or Milwaukee area? Parquet flooring will do the trick! Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield will give you a wide array of options in order to design unique flooring for your home without ever having to hire an interior designer. Add parquet flooring to any room of the house for an unprecedented amount of décor reinvigoration. Your home will look phenomenal for years to come because this hardwood is designed to last.

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