Nylon Carpeting in Waukesha

If a Waukesha family installs new carpeting in their home, chances are that it’s nylon. In fact, over 90 percent of the carpeting in American homes is made from this petroleum product. That’s because nylon carpeting is strong, affordable, and low maintenance. At Floor Coverings International Waukesha, we help Waukesha families find their dream flooring. Read on for more information about nylon carpet.

A Short History of Carpeting

Historically, carpeting has been reserved for only the wealthiest members of any given civilization. This was true too in the United States until after the Second World War, when a surplus of oil coupled with advancements in manufacturing led to the steep decline in carpet prices. Suddenly, wall-to-wall carpeting was in vogue. As crazy as it sounds today, many middle class families in the fifties and sixties were literally stapling carpet onto their existing hardwood floors. Today, carpeting remains popular for spaces were comfort is paramount: bedrooms, family rooms, and basements.

Strong and Sturdy

One of the main advantages of nylon carpeting is its strength. This durable carpet option requires minimal maintenance yet lasts for decades. Simply vacuum your nylon carpets regularly to avoid discoloration, and steam clean annually to cleanse its inner fibers.

Water Resistant

Another reason nylon is so popular—especially in Waukesha basements—is that it’s highly water and mold resistant. Never worry about mildew with this synthetic carpeting option.


Nylon carpet comes in two general categories: staple and bulk continuous filament. Staple carpet has short strands of yarn that are twisted together to create a tuft. This style tends to shed, but it also has a softer look and feel. Bulk continuous filament is made of long, continuous strands of yarn that are bulked and twisted together. Whichever option you choose, we carry hundreds of different colors and styles.

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