Wool Carpet in Brookfield

When we think of wool, a thick winter jacket might come to mind, or perhaps a heavy blanket perfect for wrapping ourselves in on a cold fall day. Wool is made from the hair of sheep and is generally considered to be a luxury product. It’s frequently used to make clothes, blankets, and other textiles, and has long been depended on for its insulating qualities. Wool carpet tends to be denser than carpets made from manmade fibers, which gives it a uniquely soft feel. This timeless material can add literal and figurative warmth to your Brookfield home.

Wool Carpet Advantages

Eco-Friendly—Sheep hair is both biodegradable and renewable. You don’t have to worry that your carpet will one day sit in a landfill, and you can also rest easy knowing that sheep hair grows quickly and abundantly, much like bamboo.

Insulation—Interestingly, in comparison to other animal hair or fur, sheep hair grows in a crimped and elastic fashion, which makes it extremely efficient at trapping and retaining heat. The insulation that wool carpet provides makes it perfect for Midwest winters, and it’s sure to keep your home cozy and warm.

Durability—The fibers that make up wool carpet are solid, which makes them more effective at masking dirt or debris than nylon or acrylic carpet fibers. Although advances in carpeting technology have greatly reduced the gap in quality between synthetic and natural carpets, some homeowners still prefer natural varieties.

Wool Carpet Disadvantages

Price—Due to its high quality, wool carpet can be more expensive than synthetic carpet. We recommend that you prioritize rooms that require maximum insulation, for instance bedrooms and living rooms, and perhaps hold off installing wool carpet throughout an entire home.

Here at Floor Coverings International Waukesha we look forward to helping you choose the perfect carpet for your space. With so many carpet fibers, styles, colors, and patterns available it’s helpful to start with a free in-home consultation and estimate. We proudly serve the greater Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee areas and will come to you. Call us today!

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