Stair Carpeting for Milwaukee and Beyond

Stair carpeting is a small project that packs a powerful punch for your Milwaukee home. Adding stair carpeting, also known as adding a stair runner or a carpet runner, to your home not only redefines the look of your interior, but it adds a valuable safety feature to your space. At Floor Coverings International, we carry a vast variety of carpeting samples so you can design the perfect stair runner for your staircase.

Why Add a Stair Runner?

Your staircase is one of the most highly trafficked areas of the home, and it’s one of the most dangerous stretches of flooring for slips and falls. Homeowners who have hard surface flooring will benefit in a number of ways from adding a stair runner to their space.

Stair runners increase safety. To start with the most important feature, adding a stair runner to your staircase adds a valuable safety feature. Whether you’re concerned about young children, pets, or other members of your family slipping on your staircase, a stair runner provides added traction and creates a softer landing place in the event of a fall.

Stair runners boost your flooring’s durability. Since staircases see such heavy foot-traffic, their flooring is more likely than other areas of the home to become worn over time. Adding a stair runner to your staircase adds another layer of protection between your flooring and the outside world.

Stair runners add style. While most homeowners invest in a stair runner for its safety features, these useful additions also add style to your home and can allow you to reimagine your interior design. When you choose to work with Floor Coverings International on your stair runner project, our expert Design Associates will help guide you to the perfect stair runner to accentuate your home’s beauty.

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To add a carpet runner to your Milwaukee, Brookfield, or Waukesha home, call Floor Coverings International today. At Floor Coverings International, we bring the flooring showroom to you in our Mobile Showroom, which stocks thousands of carpeting samples. Our Mobile Showroom allows you to evaluate each potential stair runner in your own home and make the perfect selection for your space. Call us today to book your free Design Consultation and free estimate.