Nylon Carpet in Waukesha

When you think of carpet in Waukesha, you’re probably thinking of nylon. There’s a reason this carpet fiber is so popular though: its ease of maintenance, durability and simplicity make nylon the carpet of choice for homeowners all over the world. At Floor Coverings International Waukesha, we think that’s worth talking about! Let’s cover some of the features of this revolutionary carpeting standard.

Scientific Strengths

Physically speaking, nylon is quite strong. It can weather a lot of abrasion and maintain its original visual qualities over time. The primary reason for nylon’s strength is the hydrogen content of its fibers. When steam-cleaned, the steam reactivates the hydrogen molecule, reversing flattening effects from frequent foot traffic. Nylon carpet is best maintained with an annual steam clean to keep those fibers fresh.

Stain Solutions

Nylon fiber is already resistant to moisture absorption, but if you are looking to go that extra mile, there is solution-dyed nylon. Solution-dyed nylon is more resistant to stains due to the process of its production, where color is sealed into the nylon fibers instead of dying them after production. This is a more expensive variant of nylon carpeting, but spills will have a more difficult time staining solution-dyed nylon. It is also resistant to color fading from traffic and sun exposure!

The Sixes

Nylon comes in these two variants: type 6 and type 6,6. Possessed of a different molecular structure, type 6,6 is generally the superior fiber for its improved ability to retain color and a higher resistance to static electricity.

It also requires a higher temperature in order for melting to occur. Of course, the types are mostly interchangeable when it comes to durability and resilience. Nylon type 6, however, is the slightly greener option of the two because it is recycled back into new carpet with less hassle.

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