Carpet Tile & Carpet Squares in Waukesha

If you’re thinking of installing new carpet flooring in your Waukesha home, you might want to give carpet tiles some consideration. Carpet tile – also known as carpet squares – has many benefits that have helped its popularity grow in recent years. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Waukesha explore the benefits of this versatile flooring material!

Benefits of Carpet Tiles:

Design Versatility: Carpet tiles are available in a surprising array of colors, patterns, and pile lengths. You can mix and match different colors of tiles to create chevron, brickwork, or custom patterns. Additionally, you can use carpet tiles with striped patterns to help make a room look longer or wider than it actually is.

They can Go Almost Anywhere: While most commonly used in retail spaces and offices, carpet tile is a great flooring option for playrooms, basements, and even around pools thanks to its easy upkeep.

Comfortable: Carpet tiles with a longer pile length can be surprisingly comfortable, and like broadloom carpeting, they provide insulation that helps keep rooms warm.

Easy Installation: Carpet tile typically has short installation times even in rooms with a lot of obstacles like partition walls, drains, or staircases. Additionally, carpet tile can be easily removed and reapplied later. So, if your basement floods, you can remove the flooring to allow the subfloor to dry faster.

Uniquely Resistant: Because they are commonly used in commercial spaces, many varieties of carpet tiles are designed to be stain and oil resistant, making them an ideal, slip-resistant option for in-home workshops.

Easy to Maintain: The low pile length common in carpet tile is easy to maintain and will trap significantly less moisture, dirt, and allergens than carpet with longer pile lengths.

Relatively Easy to Repair: If the foot traffic in a room tends to follow the same path, or if a tile gets damaged, you can replace individual carpet tiles rather than having to replace the entire carpet.

An Affordable Option: Carpet tile generally costs less per square foot than broadloom carpeting.


While there is a considerable selection of colors, patterns, and pile lengths, the selection of tile sizes is limited. Most carpet tiles are either 18-inches by 18-inches or 2-ft by 2-ft.

Also, if not installed correctly, the seams will not sit flush, allowing the tiles to wear faster at the seams than the rest of the surface. Your safest bet is to have them professionally installed.

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