Brookfield Wood Laminate

A major benefit of wood laminate flooring is that it looks just like real wood floors – while remaining affordable. At Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield, we understand how important it is to have great flooring – at a great price. We offer a range of laminate wood flooring options that you won’t be disappointed in.

In Brookfield, laminate wood floors are more popular than you’d imagine. As it happens, people commonly confuse wood laminate with hardwood floors all the time. Unless you’re a flooring expert, it’s difficult to tell the difference at a glance.

Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield offers laminate wood floors in a variety of brands, colors, and looks. One brand we offer is Armstrong flooring – which you may be familiar with if you’re in the market for new floors. Beyond that, we can provide Brookfield wood laminate colors from beige to red-brown. The number of wood laminate colors we provide is stunning. Beyond the color, we can provide wood laminate that looks like hand-scraped wood, traditional wood, and more.

Another great benefit to laminate wood flooring is its high durability. If your have children or pets, wood laminate holds up extremely well to the roughest activity in Brookfield. As you know, children often spill food and pets can tend to scratch things. Fortunately, wood laminate is unsurpassed for wear and stain resistance so there’s no need to worry about your child or pet permanently damaging your flooring.

For more information, contact Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield. Wood laminate can work in different types of rooms and with a wide variety of flooring options, you’re bound to find something you like. Additionally, Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield offers other types of flooring, aside from laminate hardwood floors. Contact us today to learn more.