Brookfield Wall Tile

When most people hear the word tile, they think of tile flooring. However, across the country and of course in Brookfield wall tile is used as well to add character, flair and utility to rooms.

The two most common areas in Brookfield that wall tiles are seen include the kitchen and bathroom. In a kitchen, wall tiles are commonly found behind a stove, around a sink and near counters. As a result, splashes and spills are easily cleaned with a sponge. Wall tiles are much easier to clean than painted walls.

As for the use of wall tile in a bathroom, it can be placed around a vanity area, as a border above a bathtub, and inside a shower stall. Anywhere water can be found, tile is commonly added.

There are a number of different kinds of wall tile to choose from, which is also often referred to as backsplash. Additionally, larger rectangular glass tiles are called subway tiles. These come in a number of colors and can be installed in many different patterns to add color. There are also ceramic tiles of various shapes, sizes. Finally, mosaic tiles are made up of dozens of smaller tiles of ceramic or glass. These mosaic tiles can be of all one color or a combination of many matching ones.

Wall tile can also be added to a wet bar and even near main entrances as a way to call attention to an area. It offers a unique way to add color and style to an area without requiring a remodel.

Your home can look amazing just by adding wall tile to your home. When you’re ready to explore options, Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield is here to help.

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