Brookfield Engineered Flooring

Searching for a versatile yet durable flooring option for your home in Brookfield? Engineered flooring may provide the flooring value and aesthetic appeal you desire.

When searching for a versatile flooring option in Brookfield, engineered flooring may be a viable choice. Engineered flooring combines the installation ease of laminate flooring with the resilience of a traditional solid wood floor.

What is Engineering Flooring?

An engineered floor is made up of several plywood layers, with a thin layer of finished hardwood on top that can be refinished over time to provide a long-lasting vibrant appeal for your home in Brookfield. Engineered flooring can have varying amounts of inner core ply layers, but 3-12 multiple ply layers are preferred. Typically, the more layers the more resilient the floor becomes.

What are the Benefits to Engineering Flooring?

In Brookfield engineered flooring can be found in a variety of homes because there are numerous benefits to this versatile flooring:

Environmentally friendly
– Requires less solid wood material in the manufacturing process
– Engineered floors are often more resilient than other types of flooring including laminates, vinyl, and carpet
Water Resistance
– Higher resistance to moisture levels as compared to solid wood flooring
– Due to water resistance and durability, engineered flooring can be placed in a wide range of environments including garages and basements.
Lower Costs
– Initial costs, in addition to lower upkeep expenses, keep the overall costs of this flooring option low.

Engineered Flooring Options

Just as versatile as the homes in Brookfield, engineered flooring can come in a wide variety of styles and species of hardwood, including oak, hickory, maple and bamboo.

Installation of an Engineered Floor
For a seamless and elegant look for your home in Brookfield, engineered flooring experts from Floor Coverings International will provide expert installation to achieve the floor of your dreams.

With a free consultation from experts at Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield, engineered floor samples can be delivered directly to your doorstep. Browse through the wide variety of options available, right in your own home. For residents in Brookfield, engineered flooring may be the perfect solution for you.