Brookfield Cork Flooring

Everyone wants a home that looks like it stepped out of the pages of a home design magazine. With cork flooring spanning your rooms, it can look just like that. There are a number of benefits in Brookfield to cork flooring that you won’t be able to get from any of the other flooring options simply because of how unique it is.

Cork is all natural so you will immediately benefit from its aesthetically pleasing aspects. Cork is a sophisticated and elegant product that will look uniform from room to room, unlike many of the other natural products that are used in flooring.

Cork is extremely absorbent by nature, which allows you to choose from a wide range of colors. It will absorb many different dyes so that you’re able to get lighter or darker colors as well as reds, blues and other colors to help make a visual statement within the confines of your home. Only cork floor will give you such a wide range of colors – hardwoods and bamboos are limited to the stains that are made for them.

Another benefit of having it in your home in Brookfield, cork flooring has a thick protection layer that makes it easy to stay clean and looking great for years to come. Cork flooring is moisture resistant and can be cleaned using just warm water and a mild cleaning agent. A quick mop will have your cork floors shining in no time.

If you were to squeeze a piece of cork, you would feel it give as you put pressure on it. Cork flooring works in the same way. The representatives at Floor Coverings International serving Brookfield can show you just how resilient it is. As you walk across the floor, you will feel how it absorbs the weight and then springs back. This makes cork more comfortable to stand and walk on than other flooring materials – making it a frequent choice for kitchens.

Throughout Brookfield, cork flooring looks amazing in homes and you can add this look to your home too. It’s quickly becoming a very popular choice for homes around the world because of the features and benefits that cork has that no other material on the planet can duplicate.

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