shutterstock_130602158Cork is a unique flooring choice that has gained attention in the last few years, mainly due to manufacturing advances that make cork floors viable for more audiences and durable in addition to their green, environmentally-friendly nature.

In this blog post we make the case for them for nearly every room in your home.


This is one of the most popular areas of a home that we’ve seen in design books and sites. One reason is because of cork’s friendliness on joints. If you plan to be standing for prolonged periods of time in the kitchen, cork can make that time a whole lot happier. In addition, it has microbial properties which make it a great alternative to traditional options in the kitchen. A protective coating should be used to prevent staining and provide a bit more water resistance. It will have to be reapplied every few years as maintenance.

Living Room

If you have a newborn just starting to walk, cork in the living room, maybe even extended from the kitchen, will make falls just a bit more cushioned. Cork is also a natural insulator so it will feel warm to the touch unlike a tile floor. You also won’t have to worry about carpet fluff or allergens getting into their system as cork does not absorb dust making it a wise choice if you or family members have allergies.

However, if you have heavy furniture, you will want to protect your floors by putting them on casters or cardboard boxes to prevent permanent indentations. When moving furniture around you will also want to take care as if a large chunk of the floor is removed, the tile or even the whole floor will have to be replaced.

Baby Room and Bedrooms

Much like a comfort in the living room, cork in a baby’s room is good as it muffles sound. This is particularly useful if your young one is a light sleeper. It is perfect for your joints for when you’re pacing around with them as well.

They will provide great design details as they are quite unique and even appear to imitate other wood species or natural stone tiles. If you want a bit more heat and warmth, especially with the winters here in Brookfield, WI, consider a radiant flooring system. Cork retains heat very efficiently.

Everywhere Else

The appeal of cork can be applied to almost anywhere given the above scenarios, except in the bathroom. Like many wood varieties, this material is not the best for these places. Although when wet, they still provide traction and support, they will need special attention if you do choose to install them in a bathroom. You can talk to one of our professionals to determine if any special procedures must be followed to apply the cork in the bathroom.

Many people are beginning to see the beauty of cork floors especially with more cork products hitting the shelves. Want to see some samples in certain areas of your home? The experts at Floor Coverings International of Brookfield, WI bring the samples straight to you! Call us to set up your free, in-home appointment today!


Photo: Iriana Shiyan