carpet flooring Waukesha, WIChoosing the perfect carpet for your Waukesha home means more than just picking a color. There are several things to consider to be sure you select the right carpet. Before you start shopping, take a few moments to learn about the following types of carpet and think about how they might fit your lifestyle.

Plush Carpet

Plush carpet may be ideal for the lower traffic areas of your home. It has a smooth appearance and a luxurious feel thanks to its high fiber density, making it well suited for bedrooms. This carpet has an overall medium level of durability and offers a wide range of color options.

Textured Plush Carpet

From bedrooms to living rooms, textured plush carpet is very useful in nearly any setting. Its higher durability levels make it one of the most popular types of carpet today. Textured plush carpet features closely-packed, twisted yarn that is cut at a variety of angles. This yields a unique textured look while still retaining a smooth and plush feel.

Berber Carpet

Berber carpet is a popular choice because it can be used all throughout the home. It has a very natural look and is one of the best carpets for a home that receives a lot of traffic. Berber carpet is made with large, dense loops, and is usually light in color. It can have flecks of brown or black to give it a multi-dimensional look. Berber is a top choice for people who want a more modern look and easy care.

Level Loop Carpet

Level loop carpet is made from very closely-packed, low pile yarn. The resilient nubby texture of the yarn makes it more difficult to soil the carpet and helps it repel water more easily. It may be a good choice for any home that has a lot of foot traffic. While level loop carpet does not have a flashy appearance, it is extremely serviceable and long lasting.

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Photo: © greenhall