shutterstock_151384343At Floor Coverings International of Waukesha, we make sure to stay up to date on every trend emerging in the home design world. Whether it’s the return of Mid Century Modern or the proliferation of Luxury Vinyl Tile, our Design Associates have all the information you need on contemporary flooring styles. One of the hottest current rends in the flooring industry is focused on rustic hardwood flooring. At FCI Brookfield, we love what a rustic hardwood floor can do to a space, and we’ve put together a guide to the style to demonstrate just what rustic hardwood flooring can do for your home. Read on to find out more about rustic hardwood flooring, and learn why it might be the missing piece in your home’s décor.

It’s All About Age And Texture

Rustic hardwood flooring has slowly been gaining in popularity alongside two similar design trends: the rise of vintage décor and texture in interior design. Whether it’s Art Deco or Industrial, the vintage look is here in a big way. It’s no surprise that homeowners have envied vintage hardwood floors for years, but recently the ability to get that vintage look without having to wait 40 years has cropped up. There’s always the option of purchasing salvaged wood, but that can often come with a huge price tag. That’s what’s so special about factory-produced rustic hardwood flooring: you can get the aged look you want without a major budget.

It’s not just age that homeowners love in vintage hardwood flooring; it’s also the incredible texture that comes with hand-hewn flooring. Rustic hardwood flooring not only mimics the aged look of vintage hardwood, it also takes into account that wonderful textured look. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring is now available in a variety of species and colors, and it will surprise you just how perfectly the product mirrors its antique counterpart. If you love the idea of a hardwood floor with an aged look or time-worn patina, explore the options available for hand-scraped hardwoods and distressed hardwoods.

Plank Size Helps, Too

It isn’t just age and texture that makes a distressed hardwood floor work so well in many homes: it is also the manner in which installation occurs that gives the look its legs. Along with texture and color, board goes a long way in creating a charming rustic feel. Utilizing wide planks at differing lengths can give the impression that a craftsman from yesteryear, which goes a long way in setting the vintage feel rustic hardwood flooring produces, produced the floor. Sporadic plank work creates the hand-made feel that so many homeowners appreciate in vintage hardwood flooring, and when combined with our incredible distressed hardwood flooring is sure to produce a décor you can really be proud of.

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Photo: Lukiyanova Natalia