shutterstock_122567944Here at Floor Coverings International of Waukesha and Milwaukee, we’re experts in all aspects of the flooring process. Whether you need new carpet flooring installed in an addition, or you own a historical home and need the flooring updated for a Modern look, Floor Coverings International of Brookfield is sure to guide you in the right direction. We’re often asked to do refinishing projects for our clients, and one thing we’ve come to find is that many homeowners are curious as to when they should refinish their hardwood flooring and when they should replace it. It can be a difficult decision to make, so everyone here at FCI Waukesha has contributed to this post outlining when you should refinish your hardwood flooring and when you should spring for a new floor. Read on to find out more, and contact Floor Coverings International today for a free in-home estimate!

Is It Historical Wood Flooring?

The first thing you’ll want to determine is whether the flooring in your home is vintage. Vintage hardwood flooring is often of an incredibly high quality, and many times you’ll find that the species used in vintage hardwood flooring is no longer available for general sale. If your home does feature vintage hardwood flooring, chances are you’ll want to spring for refinishing rather than installing a brand new hardwood floor. If the hardwood flooring in your new home isn’t historical but shows quite a bit of damage and distress, it may instead be time to spring for a brand new hardwood floor from FCI Milwaukee.

 Can You Live With Some Inconsistency?

When you refinish a hardwood floor, even if professionals such as Floor Coverings International do it, it’s not always possible to remove every idiosyncrasy in the flooring. For example, if your hardwood flooring is full of creaks and groans, refinishing your flooring might not remove all of those noises and peculiarities. A refinishing job can work magic on a vintage hardwood floor, but it won’t erase all of the history. If you’re the type of person that might mind having some inconsistencies to your hardwood flooring, a new install might be a better choice than a refinish.

What Does Your Budget Look Like?

Budget is an important aspect to any flooring project, and it certainly figures into whether you should refinish or replace your home’s hardwood flooring. Often, refinishing will be a more affordable option, so if you’re looking to keep your overhead low refinishing your hardwood is likely a better option. If you have a bit more budget to work with and you’re unhappy with the state of your current hardwood, than it might be time to consider replacing your hardwood flooring. As much as any choice comes down to aesthetic, it’s important to always keep in mind the budget you’ll be working with.

At Floor Coverings International of Brookfield and Waukesha, we have everything you’ll need for your new hardwood flooring. Contact us today for your free in-home estimate!

Photo: Olga Altunina