Area rug in Waukesha courtesy of Floor Coverings InternationalAs one of the top-rated flooring companies in Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee, Floor Coverings International Waukesha is proud to bring the highest-quality area rugs possible to families living in Waukesha. Read our step-by-step guide to select the area rug perfect for your Waukesha home!

Step 1: Location, Location, Location

If you’ve already decided on an area rug, you likely have a room in mind for your selection. Nonetheless, here are a few factors you should consider before making your final decision:

  • Size: An area rug is a statement piece, often used as a centerpiece to cluster furniture around or to define space in a large room. When selecting the appropriate size for your floor, consider whether you’re looking to entirely cover an area of your home in carpet or simply provide padding underfoot in a small designated area.
  • Placement: Do you want your rug to run flush against the wall of the room, or would you rather leave negative space to make the room appear larger? Do you want your rug to lie at a perfect 90 degrees, or lie at an angle that creates an interesting arrangement in the room?
  • Lifestyle: Families with pets, children, or frequent guests are more likely to have their rugs creep underfoot. When placing a rug in a high-traffic area, homeowners can prevent shifting with anti-slip mats or pads that are placed under the rug.
  • Maintenance: Rugs in living rooms or common spaces will likely require slightly more upkeep than rugs in bedrooms or lesser-used spaces.

Step 2: Looking Good

Now that we know the where it’s time to decide the what. When choosing an area rug for your home, consider:

  • Color: Light colors make rooms appear bigger and brighter, while dark colors make them appear small and cozy. Matching your rug to the room’s décor can create a cohesive, seamless look while choosing contrasting colors can create an interesting or exciting atmosphere. Stains and spills may appear more prominently on white and off-white rugs.
  • Shape: While the shape of your rug doesn’t necessarily need to match the shape of its room, it should be influenced by it. Long rugs can make a room appear to stretch further than it actually does, while a square rug can appear to bring furniture or other items closer together.
  • Pattern: A bold, solid color can do wonders for a room, but might not be the ideal choice in a high-traffic or potential-spill area. Repeating patterns or monochromatic hues are great for hiding stains and blending with surroundings.

Step 3: Feeling Gorgeous

Last but not least – how do you want your area rug to feel?

  • Pile: Rug pile refers to the density of the fibers woven into the rug’s backing. High-pile rugs are thick and fluffy, while low-pile rugs are thin and flat. High-pile rugs typically perform best in rooms with low-traffic, while low-pile rugs fare well even when frequently underfoot.
  • Texture: Closely related to pile, texture refers to the fabric tufts on the top of the carpet – texture is typically the first thing we think of when we think of carpet. Texture is largely affected by fabric length, twist, height, and finish.
  • Maintenance: Plush carpets with a high-pile can trap dust and dirt more easily than their low-pile counterparts. Consider how much time you want to devote to carpet cleaning when selecting your area rug.

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Photo Credit: © Dariusz Jarzabek