Pet-Friendly Hardwood Flooring Milwaukee, WIIf you’re a pet owner in Milwaukee, you understand how many everyday activities are made just a little more difficult in an effort to accommodate our four-legged family members. Finding a pet-friendly hotel when traveling, making time in the day for walks, and going home on your lunch break to let them outside are just a few of those activities.

When welcoming pets into your home, making sure everything is pet proof and pet friendly can be an exhausting task, and that includes your floors. We love hardwood flooring, but we love our pets more. Luckily these two things do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are many hardwood varieties that are great for homes with pets! However, there are some limitations and preventative measures you should take.

Hardness of the Wood

Some species of wood are recommended for homes with pets, and some are not. You should look for hardwoods that have higher ratings on the Janka Hardness scale because those species will be less prone to scratches and dents. Woods with higher hardness ratings that are better for Milwaukee homes with pets include oak, cherry, maple, walnut, hickory, and mahogany. Softer woods, like pine and fir, are not recommended.

Added ProtectionPet-Friendly hardwood floors Milwaukee, WI

To keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful and healthy as long as possible, there are some preventative measures you can take against pet damage. It can be a good idea to place rugs in high traffic areas. Just make sure the rugs have non-slip gripping on the bottom to avoid injury of you or your pet. Another thing you should do is install hardwood with a urethane coating to make your floors more scratch and stain resistant.

Pros & Cons of Hardwood

One great thing about hardwood is it’s relatively low maintenance when it comes to everyday cleanups. Even house-trained pets will have the occasional indoor bathroom accident. Luckily most hardwood surfaces are easy to clean. It’s also easy to sweep up or vacuum pet hair and dust from the floors. Although hardwood flooring can be compatible with having pets, there are some downsides. One is hardwood can stain fairly easily if a spill isn’t caught right away and left to sit. Pet urine can also cause odor and stains to reappear over time. Heavier animals with longer claws are more capable of damaging hardwood flooring than lighter pets with more closely trimmed claws.

If you have pets and are set on having classically beautiful hardwood flooring in your Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee area home, there are plenty of varieties that are pet friendly. Call Floor Coverings International Waukesha today to schedule your free in-home estimate. We’ll help you find great hardwood floors that work for the whole family!


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