At Floor Coverings International Waukesha, we’ve noticed that more and more Waukesha customers care about the environmental impact of their flooring choices. As your local flooring experts, we are dedicated to finding the perfect flooring for families in the greater Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee area, whether that be a warm Brazilian walnut or a sustainable and rustic hickory plank. Read on for three eco-friendly flooring choices that are perfect for environmentally conscious homeowners.


It’s used to be rare to find cork flooring in a Wisconsin home, but it’s becoming more widespread as more and more families learn about its amazing benefits. Cork is perfect for kitchens and bathrooms because of its water resilience and comfort underfoot. Plus, it’s super sustainable. Cork trees, which are grown primarily in the Mediterranean, aren’t chopped down when harvest time comes. Instead, every year, the outermost layers of its bark are skinned, keeping the tree alive and healthy to produce more cork for next year!

cork flooring waukesha

These cork floors add warmth and comfort to this home.

Domestic Hardwood

Hardwood in general is highly sustainable. It’s tough and dependable—not the type of flooring you find in a landfill. It grows in the ground using only the sun and the rain. Domestic hardwoods—such as oak, hickory, and maple—are the most sustainable hardwood options because they don’t have to travel long distances from foreign countries. Plus, when you choose a domestic hardwood, you support an American wood grower.

red oak hardwood flooring waukesha

Red oak is one of the most popular domestic hardwood. It’s well-known for its unique grain lines and red hue.


The most obvious choice for this list, Bamboo is often touted as the most sustainable choice for flooring. It’s found in LEED certified buildings across the globe. Bamboo is a great choice for folks who love the look and feel of hardwood, because it looks just like a hardwood. In reality, bamboo is not a hardwood but a grass. That’s what makes it so sustainable. While some species of hardwood grow four inches per year, there are species of bamboo that grow that distance in a single hour.

bamboo flooring waukesha

Bamboo is a great way to make a bold, modern statement.

Go Green Today

For more information about your eco-friendly flooring options, reach out to the local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Waukesha today!

Photo © 0399778584 (cork), Artazum (oak), & Santiago Cornejo (bamboo)