Green Subway Tile in Waukesha

Subway tiles earned their name from their first use: furnishing the walls and floors of the New York City subway system. Since their invention in the early 1900s, these iconic tiles have made their way into homes across the country, including Waukesha. At Floor Coverings International Waukesha, we help Wisconsin homeowners find the perfect flooring for their homes. Interested in learning more about this timeless tile option? We put together this little guide on how to get creative with classic subway tiles.

Subway Tile and Grout Color Combinations

The first step to your subway tile project is to pick the tile and grout color combination. This step is crucial in determining what kind of style and appeal the final piece will have. If you are looking to bring warmth and personality to a kitchen backsplash, consider sunny yellow tiles with white grout. If you are working with a more high-end aesthetic, sleek white tile with black grout creates a high-contrast look that is modern and sophisticated. To get an idea of some of the possibilities, check our online product gallery.

Subway Tile Lay StyleWhite Subway Tile in Waukesha

The next step is to plan your tile installation. Installing subway tile can be incredibly tricky, especially if being done on a wall. To ensure the end result is just as gorgeous as you imagine it, be sure to get experienced, professional installation from Floor Coverings International Waukesha. Our flooring experts are skilled at laying tile in countless patterns. While the classic brick pattern is a direct nod to the tunnels of NYC, herringbone and geometric patterns are creative ways to add class and intrigue to your project.

Accent Tiles

Many Waukesha homeowners incorporate accent tiles into their final designs. This involves interchanging random tiles with tiles of different colors—usually bright and distinctive. We often see this in projects that utilize white tiles and use colored tiles to tie-in existing home décor.

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