shutterstock_318902513If you feel like you’re fresh out of ideas for what to do with your home and your flooring, take a look at some of our favorite floors from around the world for renewed inspiration. Warning, they may cause a physical response such as jaw dropping due to grandeur and awe!

The Taj Mahal

Often considered an architectural jewel, the Taj Mahal is one of the most iconic buildings in the world. The forty-two acres compound includes the marble mausoleum in addition to the mosque and gardens. While it’s exterior gives off an air of grandeur, the details inside are just as impressive. As we love all things flooring, the Taj Mahal does not disappoint with its intricate tiles and marble. The flooring is often in a tessellated pattern, but is also one in a motif. Some of the tiles were even painted. You can replicate this by painting or staining stenciled designs on your floors, although we recommend finding a professional to do the tile patterns for you. This attention to detail is also seen along the walls in motifs and various wall coverings.

The Palace of Versailles

Parquet floors are featured throughout this famous palace, expanded by an equally famous Louis XIV. The Palace of Versailles is known for its grandeur in a very French way; such as with gilded gold, ornate furniture and wood work, and mirrors. To complement the grandeur of the walls, Louis XIV and his designers wisely opted for wood floors. In the photos you can see a unique diamond pattern in multiple drawing rooms, the Queen’s Bedroom, and the Hall of Mirrors. This pattern has come to be known as the Versailles parquet. In the Queen’s drawing room, the wood is in a herringbone pattern in addition to the Battles Gallery and 1792 Room. This type of flooring is a great choice for something more unique than the typical overlay pattern, but equally durable and chic.

Hatfield House

Used many times as a filming location, the iconic Long Gallery and the Library are featured in movies like Tomb Raider and Batman, it is the home of the Lord and Lady of Salisbury. The checkered floors bring to mind grand entrances to luxurious homes. This checkered pattern is continued throughout the home such as in the Armory and Marble Hall. Create a similar look in your home by picking a marble stone tile, although there are many vinyl options to choose from as well.

Whether you want a more formal and grand look to your home, or something more casual and cozy, give Floor Coverings International Waukesha a call today to start designing your dream home!

Photo: Gritsana P.