With so many different options to choose from, deciding just what flooring style will work for your home and budget can involve a great deal of deliberation. The truth is that each type of flooring we offer at Floor Coverings International has its own array of advantages, and all of our employees are well-versed in what products are best-suited for a particular set of needs. In this blog post, we’ll look at five reasons why laminate flooring makes a great choice for certain customers. If you’re considering remodeling your home and you’re looking to install a new floor, this list should help you decide whether or not laminate flooring may be the right choice for you.

1. Easy to Install and Replace

One of the great things about laminate flooring is the ease with which it’s installed and replaced. Because laminate flooring is not adhered  to the subfloor the way that wood or tile are, putting in new laminate or upgrading it later down the line is significantly less complicated than with most other options. This fact also makes laminate flooring an ideal solution for homeowners looking to install their new floor on their own or who would like to at some point in the future.

2. Tons of Different Looks

Laminate flooring consists of a photographic applique layer under a clear protective layer, which means that laminate flooring can theoretically look like any kind of natural wood or stone there is. Because of this, laminate flooring offers the widest variety of looks for any one type of flooring option. If, for instance, you love the way Brazilian cherry glows in your home, but require a more scratch resistant option due to your home’s needs, laminate flooring is able to achieve the best of both worlds.

3. Perfect for Moist/Damp Rooms

Although hardwood and carpet may look great, they’re not ideal for every situation, especially in rooms that are prone to moisture and dampness like your bathroom or basement. Laminate flooring, on the other hand, manages quite well with damp environments while offering you all the look of a standard hardwood or stone floor. Even if you’re not convinced laminate flooring is the right choice for the entirety of your home, it may be just what you’re looking for in your laundry room or kitchen.

4. Easy to Maintain

Another great benefit of laminate flooring is the ease with which it’s maintained. Because of the protective clear layer placed over the photographic applique, laminate comes with some built in protection from dents and scratches, not to mention stain resistance. Furthermore, that protective layer makes cleaning a breeze, requiring no more than some warm water and a bit of soap.

5. Affordability

Perhaps best of all, laminate flooring is an incredibly economical option when compared to traditional hardwood or stone. Laminate flooring typically clocks in at around a quarter of the cost of real hardwood and about half the cost of tile. Add to this the fact that install is generally far easier and less expensive, and you have a flooring option that offers most of the benefits of hardwood with only a fraction of a cost. This makes laminate flooring a great option for young families and new homeowners in particular, though laminate flooring is versatile enough to have plenty of benefits for most customers.

Although laminate flooring is only one of many options we carry at Floor Coverings International, it’s one of our most popular. Give us a call today, and we’ll let you know even more reasons why laminate flooring may be the solution to your home renovation needs.