cut pile and loop pile carpet in Brookfield, WI

When selecting carpet flooring, many Brookfield, Wisconsin, homeowners pay the most attention to their preferred colors and patterns, while all but ignoring piling and textural considerations. Carpet construction can have a big impact on your interior’s look and the feel of your carpet, so it is worthwhile to think carefully about your preferences. Knowing the differences between cut pile and loop pile, the two main carpeting styles, is a good start.

looped pile carpet waukesha

Example of looped pile carpeting we installed in Waukesha

Loop Pile

During the carpet weaving process, loops are created. Flooring that retains these loops is known as loop pile carpet. This style can be quite fashionable but is usually chosen for its durability. Berber is especially durable, as it is denser and more tightly packed than other loop pile carpets. However, it is not an ideal choice for pet households, as claws can often get caught in the loops.

Care must also be taken when vacuuming Berber carpet, as the loops can be pulled out and cause runs. Despite these concerns, Berber remains one of the most hardwearing and long-lasting carpet options on the market today. Other loop pile options include level and multi-level loop piling, both of which are commonly found in commercial settings.

cut pile carpet waukesha

Example of cut pile carpeting we installed

Cut Pile

Plusher and more sophisticated than loop pile carpeting, cut pile involves the cutting of the yarn loops, resulting in an upright look. Cut pile carpeting is very versatile, with variations incorporating different heights, textures, and amounts of twisting. Although cut pile is typically less durable and resistant to stains than loop pile carpeting, certain types of cut pile hold up well in high traffic.

Frieze carpet is especially durable, although it looks less formal than other forms of cut pile carpeting. Velour carpet is a softer option that can look quite elegant, although it has a tendency to show vacuum marks and footprints.

Mixed Cut and Loop Pile Carpeting

If you’re interested in taking on a more unique approach to carpet flooring, consider using both cut and loop pile constructions in the same room. This is a great option if you like the idea of patterned flooring but struggle to select a color pattern. Mixed cut and loop pile carpeting offers the visual interest of a patterned look while retaining the sophistication and decorating versatility of a uniform carpet color.

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Ultimately, the decision between cut pile and loop pile comes down to your personal preferences and needs. If you wish to go barefoot on luxurious carpet or impress visitors with your interior’s sophistication, you’ll prefer cut pile carpeting or some combination of the two. If affordability and durability are your chief goals, loop pile is most likely the better option. To learn more about these two carpet styles, call your local experts at Floor Coverings International Waukesha today. We offer free in-home estimates in the Waukesha, Brookfield, Milwaukee area – book yours now!

Photo: © Rob Hyrons & Project Photos (see more in our portfolio)