When considering flooring options you will need to asses and make decisions based on what will work for you and your family including your four-legged animals. With that in mind, here are some flooring options that we have found hold up well and fit the needs of many families.


Vinyl is a great option as it is extremely water resistant – almost impenetrable to moisture. In addition, vinyl comes in a variety of formats including new plank formats that really copy the look of wood. If you’re a fan of tile, vinyl flooring also has tile look-a-likes. These are great for pets besides the stain resistance as messes can easily be cleaned. Vinyl is durable and is less susceptible to scratches and scuffs if their nails missed a trim by a couple of days.


Tile is also a contender when thinking about best floors for pets. The best options will be a ceramic or porcelain option as these are generally more water and stain resistant compared to natural stone tiles. Be sure to ask if the tile is impervious for the most water-resistant option. Tiles come in a variety of tones and colors so they can fit into your home beautifully. They are great for the warm summers we get here around Milwaukee as they feel cool to the touch and help to keep rooms cool. Radiant heating can be installed for the chilly months.


The closest to actual hardwood floors, laminate wood floors have a core wood board with the image steamed onto the board and are finished with a protective layering. These are sometimes not considered wood floors, compared to solid and engineered wood floors. However, the protective coating and benefits outweigh hardwood. They’re most similar to vinyl flooring material wise in that they often imitate other flooring materials. Vinyl floors are more water-resistant than laminate which is why we’ve ranked laminate lower.

The Cut Contenders

Why don’t carpet and hardwood floors make the cut? Carpet isn’t ideal for dogs (or cats) that aren’t trained as it often becomes a sponge for liquids. Although depending on your family, it could work in certain areas of your home. Plus it’s difficult to clean up liquid messes on carpet.

Hardwood floors can be damaged by nails and urine will stain floors. They could work in your home if you keep nails trimmed and with other precautions like area rugs and training.

At Floor Coverings International Brookfield, we know that no two families are the same and that should reflect in their flooring choices. To get even more tips or to see samples in your home, give us a call today to schedule your free, no obligation estimate!

Photo by nacu, used under morgueFile license.