shutterstock_265609928Have you ever looked at a room and were just blown away by how well everything worked together? Did you wonder why exactly the décor worked so well together? What about the opposite? Have you ever seen a room full of clearly nice furnishings and yet it felt strange?

There are some people out there with an innate eye for design, but for the rest of us are getting by with our best guesses and wondering why it’s just not quite coming together. Sometimes it’s hard to put your finger on what makes one room great and another bland or slightly off but lucky for us there are some easy rules that if you follow them will make your home design rock!

So what does go into great home decor? Read on to learn the 5 home décor rules designers just don’t want you to know!

Just because it matches doesn’t mean it looks good

One thing all home decorators know is that there is both a good kind of matching and a bad kind. When everything looks the same (for example if all your furnishings come from a matching set) it can look bland and stale. The showroom might display furnishings with the same fabric, color and texture, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix and match. Instead of buying a matching set, mix color, pattern or material of matching furniture.

Make sure everything is to scale

Mastering the art of scale and proportion is a difficult skill to pick up, but it’s also invaluable when it comes to design. Fortunately there are some tips that might help you in the process. When a sofa or a bed is flanked by side tables, make sure the tables are tall enough to be comfortable to reach when seated. Your coffee table should also be close enough to reach when seated.

When everything is placed, give your room a stroll and make sure nothing is hampering easy movement through the room. Better yet, through a party and see where your guests move your furniture to aid in conversation.

Keep your design elements transitional

Transitional décor is the style of mixing the contemporary with the classic, blending elements of the old and the new instead of focusing in on one era of decor. When you stick with one era, it has the tendency to look dated, and if you’re sticking with 100% modern decor, that date feel will come on even faster with changing trends. But a tasteful mix of the two can keep your room looking fresh and alive. So mix it up!

Keep your homes architecture in mind

Your home comes its own, unique inherent design. Depending on your home, it might be a very prominent feature or it might be more subtle, even bland. But when choosing your decor, make sure you keep the design of your house in mind and don’t choose a style that conflicts with your architecture. Rustic décor won’t work in a home with contemporary architecture.

Don’t forget the little things.

You’re design is made up of many little things put together to create a succinct whole, so make sure you don’t forget the little things. Feel free to add little surprises hidden throughout your decor such as eye catching wallpaper within a closed or cupboard. Experiment with these little details and your room will always feel fresh and alive no matter what corner your in.


Photo: AlexRoz