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If you are looking for a material that offers comfort, adaptability, and durability, carpet tiles may be the perfect fit for your home or business. Those three points are just a few of the reasons in support of using carpet tile. At Floor Coverings International of Waukesha we want to provide you with a complete range of options for your home improvement project and that includes carpet tiles. Let’s go more in depth to find out why you should consider carpet tiles.


The main reason carpet is chosen for homes and businesses are to add comfort and warmth that is not seen in other flooring materials. Carpet tiles provide that just as much as a typical broadloom carpet. The key to picking your carpet tile will be to evaluate the fiber and pile type. Carpet squares, which they are sometimes called, come in plush and Berber pile types. Most carpet squares use a synthetic or synthetic blend fiber.


Carpet tiles should be chosen over typical broadloom carpet if you are looking for an adaptable carpet. Because of their modular nature they can easily be switched around and laid in different patterns to suit your needs. As your décor changes, carpet tiles can easily be switched out with different colors or uninstalled to make way for other flooring options. If you are unsatisfied with your new flooring material, carpet tiles are easily available to pop right back in. In addition they are a good choice if you have an odd sized room as carpet squares can easily be cut to size without the need for skilled carpet installers to size, stretch, cut, and pin the carpet into place.


Carpet tiles are as durable as broadloom carpet especially when you consider that they can be installed in multiple areas of your home before they are thrown away and replaced. In addition, because they can be removed if they are soiled for cleaning, then put right back in place, it makes carpet maintenance easier. If a carpet square is damaged beyond repair simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with a new square. This helps to prevent carpet waste making it a smart decision that provides durability for your home and the Earth.

Consider using carpet tiles in your kid’s room, living room, or playroom. With unique patterns that are rarely found in broadloom carpet, it adds comfort, adaptability, and durability. It’s a perfect material for busy families looking for a traditional material with a unique twist. Find the carpet square that are right for your home from Floor Coverings International. Schedule your free, in-home estimate today! Serving Brookfield, Waukesha, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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