Even with regular cleaning, your carpet has an expiration date. Like clothes, carpets eventually become old, worn, and faded. Additionally, keeping old carpet may have adverse effects on your health while becoming an eyesore in your home. Here are some indicators for when it’s time to retire your carpet in your Waukesha home:


Signs of Aging

On average, the lifespan of a carpet ranges from five to fifteen years. This range depends on different factors like the quality of fibers and installation, maintenance, frequency of use, and environment. Carpet in an attic office will maintain its quality for a long time. On the other hand, carpets in high foot traffic areas like hallways may age faster. If your carpet is exposed to a wet environment, like the basement, it will deteriorate quicker than carpet in dry areas.

No matter the environment, carpet is meant to elevate your comfortable home environment. It will naturally become worn down from use and time. However, an aging carpet can become a distraction from the rest of the room when the colors fade, the fibers mat, and the pads lose their bounce. Furthermore, carpet stains can remain even with deep cleaning and become an eyesore throughout the years. When you notice your carpet is detracting from your home atmosphere, it may be time to find a replacement.


New Carpet Waukesha

New Selections of Carpet



Consequences of Damaged Carpet

Apart from aesthetic reasons, damaged carpet should be replaced to prevent serious issues. For example, the carpet can “bubble” or protrude up from the ground when the pad gets old or through water exposure. Bubbling not only makes the floor uneven and unsightly, but it can also be dangerous, especially for young kids and elderly folks. Protect your household from accidental falls by ensuring your carpet is safe and maintained.

Furthermore, carpets can also accumulate dust, mold, pollen, and pests. Typically, you can get rid of them through deep cleaning. However, over time, these particles accumulate in your carpets. Especially for older houses, mold can penetrate from the carpet to wood trimming or vice versa, thus creating more serious problems throughout the house. Over time, these particles may cause or worsen respiratory and skin allergies. Whether or not your old carpet has visible damage, consider these pesky specimens and their impact on your home when you think about replacing your carpet.


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