Whether you have small children, manage a multi-tenant rental property, or simply enjoy peace and quiet, you need to select a flooring material that reduces impact sounds and keeps background noise to a minimum. Read on to learn about different flooring options that dampen noise and figure out which choice is right for your home.

Carpet floors in Waukesha


Carpet flooring is great for absorbing sound, in part because most carpet floors have carpet padding underneath. If you opt for a carpet with higher piles, your floors will be even quieter. Besides minimizing noise, carpet also feels comfortable under your feet, reduces heat loss, and comes in a variety of price points and styles. You can choose neutral carpets that will go with any paint colors and decorations, or choose bold shades and patterns that will make your flooring a focal point.


Vinyl floors often have a sound-insulating underlay, which makes vinyl another great option for noise dampening. In addition, vinyl is durable, stain and moisture resistant, and low maintenance. It’s one of the most economical flooring options, too. Vinyl comes in a variety of styles, including some that imitate the look of hardwood. You can even combine different vinyl options to create a unique pattern on your floors.


Cork is another option with sound absorbing properties. While cork is a sustainable material and comfortable underfoot, it does have the tendency to stain when exposed to moisture so it might not be the right fit for every property. However, you do have the option of using cork as an underlay beneath other materials for sound insulation.


Rubber is another eco-friendly option that’s great for sound insulation. It’s often used for gym flooring because it offers good traction, it’s shock absorbent, and it’s extremely durable. Rubber is also moisture resistant and it can be used as covering over most flooring types.

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