Gustavian Design

  At Floor Coverings International Brookfield, we love to help create the home of your dreams. To give the best recommendations, we like to keep up to date with design trends and styles. Today we thought we’d highlight the Gustavian design style. The Gustavian design style, an important marker in Swedish design, grew during the… Read more »

Protecting Hardwood Flooring in the Summer

When we think of protecting our hardwood floors, often the first thing to come to mind is damage from spills or scratches. What most homeowners do not realize is the effect the sun or humidity can have on their hardwood floors, especially during the summer months. Here is what our team at Floor Coverings International®… Read more »

Best Floors for Pets

When considering flooring options you will need to asses and make decisions based on what will work for you and your family including your four-legged animals. With that in mind, here are some flooring options that we have found hold up well and fit the needs of many families. Vinyl Vinyl is a great option… Read more »

Where to Use Cork Floors

Cork is a unique flooring choice that has gained attention in the last few years, mainly due to manufacturing advances that make cork floors viable for more audiences and durable in addition to their green, environmentally-friendly nature. In this blog post we make the case for them for nearly every room in your home. Kitchen… Read more »

Decorating With Kids in Mind

Having kids, while a major joy and life experience, also means that routines and objects will undergo a change. You may need an extra cup of coffee in the morning to get your day started, objects in your home will change, and you’ll focus more on storage and finding items that are kid-friendly. Here are… Read more »

Decorating off the Winter Blues

While there is something refreshing about snow, it also means the days are shorter and not as warm. For many of us in Waukesha, WI, we may have Seasonal Affective Disorder in some form. There are some ways we can feel energized even in the winter months by re-invigorating our living spaces. Here are some… Read more »

Carpet Cleaning: Hot Water Extraction

Part of maintaining your carpets besides normal maintenance such as vacuuming and spot cleaning includes deep cleaning your carpets. Deep cleaning your carpet can even be a required part of your carpet warranty. Manufacturers like Shaw, clearly state in their warranties that homeowners should be able to show proof that the carpet was periodically cleaned.… Read more »

Essential Items for Your Home

Here at Floor Coverings International Brookfield, we are all about helping you create the home of your dreams. While you may have your dream home now, there are some pieces that we believe are essential for every homeowner (or renter). These pieces range from the practical to more decorative. On with the list! Fire Extinguisher… Read more »

Color Alert: Olive Green

One of the biggest trends in the latest PANTONE color report for spring 2015 is an olive green. PANTONE features Woodbine, a classic olive green. You can see the all of the colors here. Our Design Associates at Floor Coverings International Waukesha are sometimes asked how to incorporate color trends into their home. Here are some ways… Read more »

Flooring From Around the World

If you feel like you’re fresh out of ideas for what to do with your home and your flooring, take a look at some of our favorite floors from around the world for renewed inspiration. Warning, they may cause a physical response such as jaw dropping due to grandeur and awe! The Taj Mahal Often considered an architectural… Read more »

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