Kitchens play a central role in any home. It’s where you do your home cooking, grab snacks, and eat meals. Even if you don’t consider yourself a professional chef, kitchens also have a social aspect. People hang out there during social events and kitchens are always going to be seen by both you and your guests. This is why it’s important you have a kitchen that looks great, and that all starts with the flooring. You need flooring that can withstand the wear and tear of a kitchen while still being aesthetically pleasing. These are our top picks for kitchen flooring in your home:

Hardwood in a Waukesha kitchen


Hardwood is a classic flooring option for a reason. Known for its elegant looks, hardwood adds an aura of warmth to any home. This look is also sought after by home-buyers, making it a great choice to increase the prospective value of your home. Floor Coverings International® of Waukesha also offers hardwood in many different wood-types. You can choose from oak, maple, cherry, and bamboo. Each option offers unique benefits that can be utilized in your kitchen.

Luxury Vinyl

One of the most popular styles currently is luxury vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl has become a common choice in large part due to the great value it provides. You’re able to get a hardwood look at a great price. Luxury Vinyl is also a comfortable choice that is versatile enough to not only be used in your kitchen, but also in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and more. Perhaps most importantly though, luxury vinyl is easy to clean and maintain. Any spills in the kitchen can easily be wiped up and taken care of!


If you’re looking for flooring that can make your home a little greener, Floor Coverings International® of Waukesha has you covered with our Eco-Friendly flooring options. The two best choices for your kitchen are cork and bamboo. Bamboo has all the benefits of hardwood, while also providing a distinct style and look for your home. Cork is a durable choice that is well-known for its comfort. Cork flooring provides cushioning for your feet as it has “give” when it is compressed. This makes it ideal for areas where you will be standing upright often, like kitchens.

Ready to Get Started?

Flooring decisions can be tough, but Floor Coverings International® of Waukesha is here to help. Each style has plenty of choices to choose from, so there is something for everyone. With our mobile showroom and free in-home consultations, you can be sure that your kitchen flooring will be customized to fit your exact needs. Contact us today to get started!

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