Red-toned hardwood floors have been trending for years. Perfect for adding warmth to your home, red-toned hardwoods offer the benefit of being budget-friendly and having many different undertones to choose from. Looking for the perfect red hardwood floors for your Waukesha home? Here are a few of our favorite options.

Cherry Hardwood Floors Waukesha

American Cherry

American Cherry is a lighter, pink-toned hardwood. However, with sun exposure, this hardwood will darken and redden during the first 6 months. American Cherry looks high-end and offers generous color variation, even within a single plank. Due to this visually appealing pattern, this product often comes in wider plank sizes to maximize this effect. Additionally, if you are looking for a domestic hardwood, this product is mostly grown within the northern part of the United States.

Brazilian Cherry

As a more budget-friendly and red-toned alternative, Brazilian Cherry hardwood is the most commonly requested hardwood. Brazilian Cherry is a great option for households with large families or pets. It scores high on the Janka scale and is twice as durable compared to red oak. Brazilian Cherry floors offer a lot of dimension and color variation as planks alternate between shades of red and orange. Similarly to American Cherry, this species also darkens and becomes redder when exposed to sunlight.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors Waukesha

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir offers a more golden undertone. Commonly found in older homes constructed in the 1920s, this wood species is a classic flooring material. Douglas Fir also comes in pre-stained planks that provide depth and additional red tones.

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