Whether you’ve knocked down some walls in a remodel or your home was built with open spaces from the start, open floor plans are a popular and exciting home layout. Open spaces are perfect for hosting and easy to clean, and they allow for flexibility as your family grows. However, they do sometimes result in tough decisions when replacing flooring. Here are some points to think about when planning new floors for your open concept home in Wisconsin.

Material Considerations

When choosing flooring for an open-concept area, consider what you want from that space. If you’re planning to host guests often or you have active kids and pets, it might be wise to opt for a very sturdy material like hardwood. If you’re trying to create a breezy home sanctuary with open spaces to relax, you might choose engineered hardwood to have the look of hardwood at a lower price point. If you like your open floor plan but still want some division, area rugs are great for breaking up the space and delineating sections for each part of the home.

Consistency Throughout

For open concept homes, flow and transition from space to space should be as smooth as possible. Using only one flooring material in an open concept area will create the illusion of a larger space. Instead of having multiple flooring materials competing for attention and truncating the space, choose one style to cover the entire area.

Visual Tricks to Expand Your Space

To make your open concept floor plan seem larger than life, apply some visual tricks to make the space appear larger than it really is.

  • Darker floor colors create depth in a room. When paired with light colored paint, the room will seem larger.
  • Shiny surfaces reflect the ceiling and walls, making it appear as though the room expands downwards.
  • Diagonal planks create a sense of movement within a space that expands its size.
  • Placing planks parallel to the longest walls draws the eye further into the room.

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