Carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices for good reason. It feels great to walk on, there are numerous styles to choose from, and its warmth helps you brave even the coldest Wisconsin winters. When choosing carpet, there are important factors to consider. One of those is carpet fiber, which is what your carpet is made of. The most popular choices for fiber type are nylon and polyester, which each offer their own unique benefits. Look through the perks of each and see which is the right choice for your Waukesha home:

Carper fiber in a Waukesha home


Nylon is the most popular carpeting choice for residential homes. This is because it is both durable and flexible. The durability is perhaps its strongest point, as it lasts longer and is ideal for busy areas in your home. Nobody wants worn down carpet, and nylon is perfect for preventing that. Its flexibility is also key, as it can be used in a variety of styles and rooms. Due to these factors, nylon carpet fiber is recommended in heavy-traffic areas. Hallways, family rooms, entryways, and more are all ideal locations for nylon.



Polyester is all about comfort. Being able to walk around barefoot on soft, comfortable carpet is a wonderful feeling. Polyester is the ideal fiber for that luxurious feel under your feet. Not only that, but polyester is a great choice for styling your home, as it is known for being able to hold colors over long periods of time. When designing your Waukesha home, you can be sure that your polyester carpet color is there to last. On account of the soft, luxury features of polyester, it is recommended in places with lower traffic where you walk around barefoot. Areas like bedrooms and walk-in closets are ideal for this comfortable fiber.


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