We take care of the technicalities here at Floor Coverings International® of Waukesha and we are proud to be trusted with the floors of many local homes. However, today we’d like to talk shop with our readers and go over some of the basics behind floor structures! For those who would like to be in the know, we’ll be covering the four critical levels that make up your Waukesha floor layerssturdy Waukesha flooring!

The Surface Level

At the top of your floor layers sits the surface on which you walk every day. It is not necessary for structural support, and is sometimes thought of as the “floor covering,” since the true nature of the floor rests beneath the beauty of whatever you’re walking around on! Technically, anything beneath the top level can be thought of as “substrate,” and in the world of flooring, this term is typically applied to all layers beneath the top that help to stabilize your floor.

The Underlayment

This substrate layer is optional – it can help in providing a consistent and level surface for your flooring. The material used for this layer depends on the surface level, so hardwood floors might have a plywood underlayment, and tile may be underlaid with cement backer boarding. Something as light as laminate can be underlaid with a foam material.

The Subfloor

Here is the bottom-most layer of flooring. All the other layers rest atop the subfloor, and they are supported structurally by this near-foundational level. This is the layer to thank for upholding everything that bears weight atop your home flooring!

Waukesha floor layers

The Joists

The joists are not a layer of flooring, but they are no less essential for this fact. The joists of a floor are purely structural criss-cross segments of supporting lumber with blocking and struts to brace the subfloor above. Joists are specially constructed for maximum load-bearing capability, but they will typically not rest beneath cement floors, particularly in homes where cement flooring goes only in the basement due to its sheer weight.

Take a Load Off

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