If you need more space in your home, consider creating a multi-functional room that can serve various needs. Whether it is a spare room or converted garage, transforming these spaces into a flex space can help maximize your home’s square footage and your budget. Be sure to plan ahead when designing your own flex space and take into consideration the room’s functions; Is it a home office that transforms into a guestroom, or maybe a playroom that needs to withstand children’s activity? Regardless, choosing the right flooring for your needs can make a world of difference! Here are some flooring options to best compliment your flex space.

The Durable Playroom

Kids can be rough on your floors, and that’s no secret! If you are looking to turn your flex space into a partial playroom, durability is probably top of mind. If you are trying to balance the lifespan of your floor, and your child’s comfort, here are our two picks:

Carpet flooring is a great option that is gentle on hands and knees while playing. It also has the advantage of providing natural sound dampening, and you have various materials to choose from that can fit your room’s specific use and style. Nylon carpet is a popular choice due to its durability and some types of nylon carpet come with a stain-resistant treatment.

Colorful carpet selection for Waukesha homes

Cork flooring is a great alternative that is often overlooked, though it provides a wide variety of benefits. Harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree, cork flooring is a renewable and eco-friendly flooring option. Cork has natural antimicrobial properties and can reduce allergens in the home. When properly installed, a cork floor can last 10-30 years!

A Welcoming Office/Guest Suite Combo

Using your guest room as a partial home office can maximize that space when there are no visitors. Your choice of flooring should work in both contexts, providing functional flooring for a desk and chair, as well as creating a warm and comfortable environment for some rest and relaxation. Natural hardwood flooring is a great option for both uses and can fit any style of home! Hardwood flooring is a durable choice for an office or guestroom, and should anything blemish the surface, it can be easily refinished. 

The Messy Craftroom

Looking to use your flex space for your hobby, using vinyl plank flooring can give you the look of hardwood, tile, and even stone, at a reduced price! Don’t worry, you aren’t sacrificing durability or ease of repair. Vinyl flooring is made to last, and depending on the manufacturer, the lifespan of your vinyl flooring is between 10-20 years. Vinyl is easy to clean, and any damaged or stained planks can be individually replaced by a flooring professional making it great for messy crafters!

Luxury vinyl tile options for your Waukesha home

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