If you are thinking about adding hardwood flooring in Waukesha, you probably want to consider all of your available options. This could include engineered wood flooring, solid wood flooring, and several others. What are the differences between solid wood flooring and engineered wood flooring? How can you select the right option to meet your needs? There are several important points you should keep in mind.

Engineered and solid hardwood flooring samples in a Waukesha home

How Are They Made?

First, it is important to take a look at how they are made, as this will impact their life span. Solid wood flooring usually comes in long planks. It is made from hardwood species, as the name suggests. It is typically milled with grooves and tongs on opposite sides. That way, the boards lock together when they are installed. Furthermore, it is possible to sand down and refinish solid wood flooring several times over its life. Solid hardwood floors can last anywhere from 30 to 100 years.

Engineered wood flooring looks like solid hardwood; however, the construction process usually features a thin layer of hardwood attached to high-quality plywood beneath it. Engineered wood floors are stable. Even though engineered wood floors can last up to 40 years, they are not as durable as solid hardwood floors. They also cannot be refinished as often, further limiting their lifespan.

How Well Do They Handle Moisture?

You might also be wondering how well these floors handle moisture. Even though neither material should be installed in wet locations, solid hardwood is usually not recommended against concrete slabs. Humidity tends to migrate through concrete, causing hardwood to swell and warp over time.

In humid conditions, engineered wood flooring tends to fare better. Plywood is more stable and less susceptible to the warping process. If you have to install floors against concrete, engineered hardwood is usually the better choice.

How Easy Are They To Clean?

If you are looking for hardwood flooring in Waukesha, those flooring options are usually easy to maintain. All you have to do is sweep and vacuum solid hardwood floors. You may want to mop them with an approved wood cleaning solution occasionally. The cleaning process is similar for engineered hardwood floors.

Rely on Trained Professionals for Hardwood Flooring in Waukesha

If you are looking for hardwood flooring in Waukesha, solid hardwood and engineered wood floors are two of the most popular options. If you want to get as much as possible out of these floors, you should rely on trained professionals to help you install them. That way, you know your floors have been built to last as long as possible.

Each type of hardwood has its own unique set of benefits, including plenty that we can’t cover in this post. If you are interested in hardwood flooring for your Waukesha home, or you just have questions about the material or the flooring process, contact us today!

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