Being organized is not a skill that comes naturally to everybody, but it does to Maria Ewings. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Waukesha, we had the pleasure of interviewing Maria who has made a career out of professional organizing through her business This Organized Space. Here are Maria’s insights on the importance of organization and what you should do to finally tackle your organization project. 


Tell us a little about yourself. 


Hi! I’m Maria. I am the owner of This Organized Space, a business that provides professional home and office organizing services in southeastern Wisconsin. I was born and raised in Michigan, went to college in Minnesota, and now live with my wonderful husband in Watertown, Wisconsin. I love meeting new people, connecting with amazing business owners, and exploring all the fun places in and around southeastern Wisconsin. Farmer’s markets are my favorite, and I am a summer girl at heart so I enjoy going anywhere where there is water and a beautiful sunset. At home, you can find me trying new recipes, going on a run or doing some yoga, reorganizing our pantry, and binge-watching HGTV shows.


How did you get started in professional organizing?


I’ve been organizing since childhood (color-coding closets, alphabetizing books, asking my grandma to rearrange her pantry and jewelry box…etc.), but I began my career as a teacher right out of school. And while I loved working in the classroom with kids, my heart continued to seek something different. Something a little further off the beaten path. I knew I was good at organizing and I loved helping others, so I began looking for something where I could combine those two. It was around that time that I discovered the professional organizing industry and began consuming any information on it that I could find! This brought me to a business-coaching program designed specifically for professional organizers, and that was really the catalyst I needed to take a leap of faith and walk away from teaching to pursue a full-time business in organizing. Feel free to check out my website ( and social media pages (Facebook) (Instagram) to contact me to get more organizing inspiration!


Why do you think maintaining an organized household is important?


It’s important because it isn’t only surface level. Most of the time, the physical clutter that we have translates into mental clutter. When we have that mental clutter, it’s hard to focus on what we actually want to do. It causes us stress and anxiety and overwhelms, sometimes even without us realizing it. When we are able to go through and edit our space and create something that we love and enjoy and can maintain, those positive feelings and emotions will flow into every other aspect of our lives as well.


What is one piece of advice you have for someone who wants to be more organized?


Think about your why. Why would you like to be more organized? What is driving you to feel this way and what do you want your end goal to be? When you think about that, your why and your end goal and how it is going to change the way you’re feeling now, it helps you get over that initial “hump” of starting an organizing project. (And also, know that I am here to cheer you on or even to come in and help you reach that end goal that you are dreaming of.)


Tell us about one of your most rewarding organization projects.


I have such amazing clients who go through fantastic transformations. However, This Organized Space is all about confidentiality, so I’m going to give you an overall reason why doing what I do is so beautifully rewarding. I absolutely love that professional organizing allows me to meet people in the midst of overwhelm and show them the way out. I love hearing about the freedom and peace that my clients feel after having worked through difficult areas with my guidance and expertise. I am even finding ways to tie my experience in the classroom into my organizing business by providing organizing tips and strategies for teachers! I get to use my passion for helping people and my gift of organization in a way that is rewarding for both me and the clients that I am blessed to work with. I know that God brought me to where I am today and I am so thankful to Him for everything!


Connect With Maria:

Phone Number: 920-541-7766