Carpeting works in nearly every room of the house, but each room in your home has unique flooring needs. You need a color that suits the space and matches your wall color and décor. For many areas in your home, you probably also need a color that hides dirt and stains well. If you’re planning to install new carpets in your home, read our guide below to find the perfect color for your rooms.

Carpet samples in wide array of colors


Beige carpeting is a smart choice for the foyer because it hides dirt well and doesn’t clash with other colors in the room. Its simplicity allows everyone who enters your home to focus on how you’ve decorated the space. Gray is another great option that hides dirt well. Gray carpets tend to create a contemporary look and pair well with cool colors.

Living Room

Beige and gray are popular options in the living room, too. If you want to add a pop of color, brightly-colored area rugs often work well with gray and beige carpeting. Deep brown carpeting is another good choice because it’s great for hiding dirt and stains. Brown usually creates a comforting, rustic feel and pairs well with a wide range of colors.

If you want to break away from true neutrals, consider navy blue carpets. Using navy is a way to add color and personality to your living room without overwhelming the space. Navy blue generally works with cool colors. Rust colored carpeting is another possibility. Depending on how you style the living room, rust carpets can feel traditional or modern.

Dining Rooms

If your household normally dines in the kitchen and uses the dining room for special occasions, you should opt for a simple, sophisticated style that won’t need to be updated often. That means cream, beige, gray, and brown are good options, though you should keep in mind that cream requires more frequent cleaning. Alternately, if your family uses the dining room daily, treat it like your living room and get more creative.


With bedrooms, you should avoid overstimulating colors and patterns so the space facilitates relaxation. On the other hand, a bedroom should also reflect your personality and style. Cream, beige, and gray are popular options, but don’t be afraid to try simple patterns and subtle, calming shades like rust, light blue, or dusty pink if that suits your taste.

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