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If you’re hoping to save on hardwood without compromising on the look and feel, engineered hardwood might be your match. It is a fantastic alternative to solid hardwood, and its unique construction allows it to mitigate some of the shortcomings of its traditional counterpart. Read on to learn more about engineered hardwood and find out if it is the right match for your home.

It’s Layered Wood

Engineered hardwood mimics the appearance of solid hardwood, but underneath the surface layer, it’s a bit different. The anatomy of engineered hardwood is a thin layer of solid hardwood on the surface, followed by layers of high-quality plywood to form the rest of the plank.

It’s Durable

Engineered hardwood is comparable to solid hardwood in its durability, but its main strength over solid hardwood is its moisture-resistance. Unlike solid hardwood, it is less affected by moisture because of its sealed top layer and plywood construction. By nature, plywood is less susceptible to warping which is a major concern with solid hardwood, making it more suitable for areas like the kitchen.

It’s Easy to Clean

This type of flooring is pretty easy to clean and requires the same day-to-day care as traditional hardwood. A quick wipe with a microfiber cloth and a wood floor cleaner is all you need to remove dirt. When the surface becomes scratched, engineered hardwoods can be refinished once after installation, but not multiple times as you could with solid hardwood.

It’s Budget-Friendly

Engineered hardwood is less expensive upfront in comparison to solid hardwood, with a typical range being $3 to $14 per square foot. This material will have a long lifespan in your home, but its inability to be refinished more than once lead some to argue that the price of solid hardwood is more likely to pay itself off over time.

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