Deciding between hardwood species for your flooring can be a daunting task because it heavily influences the feel of a room. To help you get a bang for your buck, we have created a comparison guide of our most popular, traditional hardwood species. All three of these species translate to classic and adaptable hardwood floors that will last for decades with the proper maintenance. Read on to learn what distinguishes oak, maple, and hickory hardwood floors.

Red oak hardwood flooring Waukesha


Oak is currently the most popular hardwood on the market and is available in two forms, white and red. White oak is especially current as cool toned woods are trending. It has a hard exterior and light grain patterning throughout, which translates to it being a strong hardwood floor that can camouflage dirt. This makes it a go-to option for busy households. Alternatively, red oak offers a range of warm tones with different undertones, including pink, red, and gold. It also has a starker graining pattern compared to that of the white ok. Both woods are great options to choose from as they are highly versatile.

Maple hardwood floors Waukesha


Maple floors act as an elegant backdrop for furniture while being an established traditional wood. Like the other species listed in this blog, maple is resistant to scratches and dents, which is proven by its popular use in bowling alleys. It is understated with a warm beige color, making it perfect for household with modern minimalist themes.


Hickory offers a distinct patterning and color contrast that can create a classic hardwood look. It provides striking color variation when untreated, which makes your floors appear rustic and dimensional. Hickory also happens to be one of the hardest wood species available on the market, making it another low maintenance choice for home floors. Lastly, it has a great variety of color and undertone, ranging from dark cool-toned brown to light beige.

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